Kairali of Baltimore

About Us

Serving the Indian-American community in the Baltimore and Washington D.C area since 1984

Cultivating Indian traditions, Embracing American values, Connecting families, and Celebrating communities

Founded in 1984

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Serving Maryland, Washington D.C.,
Virginia and Delaware

Key Office Holders

President, Secretary and the Committee Members

950+ Members

Our Mission

Kairali of Baltimore is a highly respected organization that has been serving the Indian-
American community in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area since 1984. As a non-profit
group, Kairali is dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and social events primarily among
Asian-Indians in the Baltimore, Maryland region and surrounding areas.


Founded under the leadership of its first president, Dr. Karmachandran Nair, Kairali has played
a key role in bringing the community together through a variety of sports, arts, literary, cultural,
and social events throughout the year. The organization has a strong commitment to fostering
connections between diverse cultural, social, and religious groups, and offers a wide range of
programs, events, and activities throughout the year.
The history of Kairali of Baltimore traces back to the early 1970s, when a small group of
Keralites in the Baltimore area began meeting at the Jai Hind store on York Road. As the group
grew, it was decided to formalize the gatherings by creating an organization. In 1984, the
bylaws were established, and Kairali of Baltimore was registered as a non-profit in the State of

Our Vision

Throughout the years, Kairali has been successful in bringing people together through various
initiatives such as charitable contributions, volunteering at shelters, providing Thanksgiving
baskets, organizing charity runs, building houses for the poor in India, offering CPR classes,
hosting sports activities for youth and children, celebrating Onam and Christmas/New Year,
hosting stage shows with movie/cine stars, and organizing talent shows for youth and children.
Under the leadership of past presidents and committees, Kairali has been able to inspire its
members to increase networking, charitable activities, political and social networks and to take
on more active roles in mainstream American life while maintaining certain time-tested Indian
values. Overall, Kairali of Baltimore is an organization that is dedicated to promoting love and
understanding of our global community and making a positive impact on the lives of Indian-
Americans in the Baltimore area.

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